ZetaPlus introkit & Phase Plus(free)

  • Reduces mucous compression in insertion phase
  •  Excellent hardness after setting
  •  Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Spray
  •  Acts perfectly as a special tray in the two-stage technique
  • Phase Plus is a chromatic alginate designed to highlight in an easy and immediate way the processing steps through its colour change.
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ZetaPlus introkit & Phase Plus(free)


• High initial flowability and excellent rigidity after hardening for the putties
• Thixotropy for the washes
• High tear resistance


• Excellent relation between rigidity and elasticity
• Ideal working time/setting time ratio
• High flowability and accuracy of wash materials
• Putty and wash materials with the same catalyst (Indurent Gel for Zetaplus System and Zetaflow Catalyst for Zetaflow System)

More Information
Technical Specification
ISO 4823 - ADA 19 Type 0 Putty Consistency
Mixing time 30''
Total working time (23°C/73°F) 1' 15''
Time in mouth 3' 15''
Setting time (23°C/73°F) 4' 30''
Compressive deformation (min-max) 2 -5 %
Elastic recovery >98%
Dimensional stability (after 24 h) <-0.2%

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