Riton D-100

1.High printing efficiency
2. Powder is more economical 
3. Flexible operation of equipment
4. Matching production process

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Riton D-100

Advantages of D-100 metal 3D printers:

1. High printing efficiency

The equipment powder journey becomes shorter, and 100 crowns only take 3 hours.

2. Powder is more economical

The molding area of the equipment is smaller, and only 2.5 kilograms of powder is required to boot, reducing waste of powder circulation.

3. Flexible operation of equipment

The molding warehouse becomes smaller, the inflatable time becomes shorter, and the operator waits only 5 minutes;

The bottom plate is fixed by magnetic suction, and it can be printed without manual leveling of the base plate;

It is more convenient for the equipment to print and clean all the moving parts for the hidden sealing structure.

4. Matching production process

Design time, print time, heat treatment time can be seamlessly docked, reducing personnel waiting.

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Technical Specification

Laser Source                     Fiber Laser
Output Power                    <300w
Laser Wavelength             1.064cm
Galvanometer                    Digital Scanning System
Melting Speed                   <14000mm/s
Main Control System        Industrial Special Board
Melting Area                     150mm (<220 Pieces Dental Crown)
Melting Thickness             20-50um
Production                         220 Pieces Rood 6.5 Hours
Laser Spot Diameter         30-50um
Protection Gas                  Nitrogen (Co Cr Alloy)
Power Supply                   3dkw 220v
Whole Weight                   500kg
Dimension                        1300mm 927mm 1630mm
Melting Material                Co Cr Alloy, Titanium Alloy
Environment Request       Temp.15 C-35 C, Humidity <95%, No Vibration

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