APEX LOCATOR AL-DF10 (Dr's Finder)

APEX LOCATOR AL-DF10 (Dr's Finder)

Apex Locator AL-DF20(Dr's Finder Neo)

Compact Smallest size

various way to attached

Makes best accuracy with using 3 frequencies for exact accuracy.

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Apex Locator AL-DF20(Dr's Finder Neo)


Can check the device is accurate simply with calibration jig,
and calibrate the device by yourself.

Working length

selectAvailable working length select for user convenience.

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery is applied, and USB power from PC or
mobile phone adapter (micro 5 pin type)

Various display mode

More Information
Technical Specification

      Model : AL-DF10 l Trade name : Dr’s Finder l Power source : 3.7V Lithium-polymer

        Main unit                  Measurement              Approx. 43 x 46 x 16 mm / Approx. 24 g

        File hook                      Length                        Approx. 200 mm (included hook tip)

        Lip hook                       Length/Dia.                   Approx. 65 mm / Approx. 2.15 g

        Probe cord                   Length                             Approx. 70  CM

        Extension cord                                                         Approx. 60  CM

        Stand                        Measurement              Approx. 43 x 47 x 62 mm / Approx. 52 g

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